Stadium Roll Up Drums

The Stadium ROLDRUM is an electronic drum kit with built in stereo speakers. Thanks to the clever design, the drum kit can easily roll up for transportation or storage. It features a snare, three toms, a crash symbol, a ride symbol and a high hat. It also includes two foot pedals, one for bass drum and one to close the high hat. You can select from 5 different drum tones and the variable volume control gives you flexibility to use the ROLDRUM in any environment. The ROLDRUM is perfect for practicing and recording your set.

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Product description

What’s in the box:

  • Portable electronic drum pad with built-in speakers
  • 2x wooden drumsticks
  • 2x pedals for the bass drum and hi-hat functions
  • Micro USB power cable
  • Audio cable
  • Instruction manual

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